Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We at, value the privacy of our customer. We understand the criticality of damage that can be caused by the leakage of personal information. Due to this, we keep the personal information shared by our customers secret and confidential. We do not scam, sell or leak your personal information and contact details to any outside parties. Further, we have proper system placed for storage of your personal information and contact details with latest and secure encryption techniques. This guarantees the safety of the information shared with us.

How we collect personal information and contact details?

If your purpose of visit to our website is for sake of information and reviews on various products then it does not require you to provide any personal information. You can easily explore our website and get the useful information about different featured products.

There are few scenarios in which we require your personal informations and contact details. Those situations are :
• Placing order for any products
• Claiming free trial offers
• Subscribing to our letters and notifications
• Using promotional contents
• Sending any enquiry or request
• Few other mandatory situations

In this way, we collect information from our valuable users and use in some situations, if it is mandatory. Otherwise, all the informations shared with us are kept secret and confidential. Again, we use recent technologies to take care of cookies and maintain the serviceability of our website providing our website users with best browsing experience. At time of need our legal representatives and employees may access your personal informations. Our employees are bound by our privacy policy and if any of our privacy policy is violated, that calls for termination of particular employee or disciplinary measures.

How the collected information is being used?

We use the collected information basically for the two main purposes and they are as follows:

1. When we receive any enquiry or requests, we use the collected to provide feedback or solutions to our customers.
2. We always try to provide best service to our customers. Hence, we use the stored data for improving.

We guarantee that all the information and details submitted to our website are kept safe and secured at any cost. We trust our team and employees that they will never misuse or leak your information for their personal benefit.

How do we secure the stored information?

We have placed systemic safety measures to ensure safety of all the stored information and data. We have encrypted our server as well as databases with passwords. For maintaining high security over the databases gateways, we have provided limited access to the stored information. We review our information collection, storage and processing practices, to guard against unauthorized access to systems. We want to emphasize that we are not obtaining any of your personal informations for any of our personal or non-personal benefits.

Our site have many links to the external sites. We are not responsible for any misuse of of informations outside of our website. We suggests our customers to carefully study all the terms and conditions before clicking any links. We always try our best to be at top in this industry for providing our customers with unbeatable service at our end.