Getting A Life Insurance With Hepatitis C

If you have completed treatment for hepatitis C, then a good number of insurance companies will be able to provide you with life insurance on standard terms. Because it is possible to contract hepatitis C through drugs, a common question on applications for life insurance is whether or not you have ever used recreational drugs.

Many people who have Hepatitis C wonder if they can get life insurance. This condition can lead to liver damage and can cause permanent scarring.

It is observed that a 0.3-year (95% CI, 0.2-0.3) increase in life expectancy from 63.4 to 63.6 years among individuals without Hepatitis C from the interferon (2007-2014) to interferon-free (2015-2017) era, and a 1.8-year increase (95% CI, –1 to 4.7) from 49.3 years to 51.1 years in life expectancy among Hepatitis C patients.

You may want to consider taking an antiviral medication or undergoing certain diets. You may also want to get a guaranteed acceptance policy.

Once you have gotten rid of Hepatitis C, you can qualify for life insurance. However, it’s important to note that you will be considered a high risk candidate.

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To Get Life Insurance With Hepatitis C

You will need to go through a series of questions. In order to help you to get the right policy, the insurance company will need to know a few key things. These include:

  • Have you fully recovered from hepatitis C?
  • Where were you diagnosed with the hepatitis C?
  • Do you know the date of HCV infection?
  • What is your current viral load?
  • If you’re not fully recovered, is the infection well controlled and treated?
  • What, if any, on going medication and treatment are you receiving?

Typically, a life insurance company will ask you a series of questions about the condition. It is important to keep in mind that the severity of your condition will have an impact on the cost of your policy. If your condition is chronic, you’ll be required to have two negative lab tests before a life insurance agent will consider you.

When arranging life insurance with Hepatitis C, it’s important to have a proper diagnosis of your condition. A liver biopsy is a test used to assess the health of your liver. If you’re able to pass the test, you can usually obtain life insurance with Hepatitis C. You’ll need to make sure you have a clear diagnosis, which can be done through your doctor.

Hepatitis C is not an atypical disease, so you can get life insurance if you’re not infected. It’s not uncommon for a person with Hepatitis C to have a clean bill of health. This condition can last for years and is rare enough that many people don’t even realize they’re infected. This means that it’s difficult to find life insurance for those who have the disease.

While it can be difficult to get life insurance with Hepatitis C, it is possible. You should check with your agent to see if you can get life insurance with Hepatitis C. Some insurers will give you an approved policy even if you’ve had a history of hepatitis. Those with a clean bill of health will be more likely to be accepted.

Although you may not be able to get life insurance with Hepatitis C, you can still find coverage. The most important factor for getting a policy with this condition is how well you treat the disease. Your agent’s job is to help you find the right policy for your lifestyle. If you don’t have a clear history of hepatitis C, it will be hard for you to get a policy with this condition.

You must have a clear medical history. If you have Hepatitis C, it will affect your ability to qualify for a policy. You should not wait until the disease is under control to apply for a policy. It is possible to get a life insurance policy with Hepatitis C if your liver is healthy. This condition may prevent you from getting a life insurance policy.

How Does Hepatitis C Impact Life Insurance Rates?

This depends on the information that is received during the underwriting process. The underwriter is going to need the status of your disease and the existing damage, if any, that has been done to your liver.

However, if you had acute Hepatitis C that has since gone away, your insurance rates will have minimal to no impact. If, however, you have chronic Hepatitis C, it becomes a completely different ballgame.

Ratings You Can Expect:

Someone with hepatitis C can expect to receive Standard health care rates if they are managing their disease and can show they have not developed liver disease, cirrhosis of the liver, or other health conditions. The premiums will be  slightly less affordable, but coverage is still available.

When diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C and have severe liver damage, liver disease, cirrhosis, or other health conditions like cancer or HIV/AIDS, you will likely be declined for life insurance.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Life Insurance With Hepatitis C

Insurance companies want to see that people with hepatitis C are getting treatment and following their doctor’s instructions. The insurance compaines also want to see that you have made necessary lifestyle changes, like quitting smoking and drinking.

To be considered for life insurance, an applicant must be:

  • Recovered Spontaneously
  • Cured by Antiviral therapy
  • Have only a mild form of Hepatitis.

If you have chronic viral hepatitis plus another live impairment is not typically insurable. Moreover, alcohol intake will be carefully reviewed.

Factors in the Decision Process

  • Age of applicant
  • Duration of the hepatitis
  • Acute or chronic hepatitis
  • Results of current blood test including liver function test and hepatitis panel
  • Treatment
  • If remission has been achieved and the virus is cleared
  • Results of liver biopsy if completed
  • Alcohol use

What Life Insurance Companies Look For Having Hepatitis C

A chronic hepatitis C infection will have a greater impact. If you do have hepatitis C, your rates will be higher than if you have never been diagnosed with it.

Some Hepatitis C applicants can be considered for life insurance coverage depending on their age, duration, and liver test results. In some cases, applicants will be denied.

Applicants that are effectively treated and have undetectable HCV-RNA levels can be considered for coverage after 3 months from when the treatment ends.

Also applicants with both Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, cirrhosis, alcohol concerns, significantly high liver function tests, or an abnormal liver biopsy are typically declined.

Here are some companies that can offer you the best coverage with Hepatitis C:

In Conclusion

Having hepatitis C does not automatically disqualify you from obtaining life insurance. In addition to your health, your liver function may be normal. In addition to having a good liver, you should be able to get a policy with this condition. If you do, you will need to pay higher premiums than an average person with this condition. When you apply for life insurance, make sure you tell your agent that you have the disease.

It’s important to understand that your insurance underwriter will want to know about your hepatitis C diagnosis. Acute hepatitis C will have a minimal effect on your rates. A chronic hepatitis C infection will have a greater impact. If you do have hepatitis C, your rates will be higher than if you have never been diagnosed with it.

I was refused life insurance when I had Hepatitis C. I’ve recovered now. Will my insurance be affected?

Suppose you have fully recovered from the illness since your application and have no long-term effects or liver damage. In that case, you may be eligible to receive a standard terms life insurance policy.

This may or may not be the case, depending on how you got hepatitis C in the first place. If this occurs due to the use of drugs, it is possible that you will only be granted non-standard terms and that you will be denied coverage on the regular insurance market. But we can assist you in ensuring that expert providers process your application.

What If I’m Declined because of Hepatitis C?

There is some encouraging news even though your claim has been denied. If you submitted your application through an independent agent, that agent would have access to other life insurance products, such as guaranteed issue life, which allows you to obtain coverage without the need to provide any information regarding your health. Purchasing this insurance will be more expensive than buying a conventional life insurance policy, yet, it is unquestionably preferable to passing away without any insurance coverage to pay for your funeral and other final expenses.

I have chronic Hepatitis C Will I be able to get life insurance?

However, suppose your ailment is appropriately treated, or you are receiving treatment. In that case, you may still be eligible for life insurance, although the terms of the policy may not be the typical ones.

Is hepatitis considered a disability?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) does recognize hepatitis as a disability, but to get benefits, a person must demonstrate the presence of specific symptoms and complications. A diagnosis of hepatitis must come first, and this diagnosis must come from an appropriately trained medical expert. There is also the possibility of accepting a diagnosis of liver illness.

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