Insurance Career Opportunities in Norway

Seeking to advance your career in Insurance in Norway could be the right idea if you have one or a few of these qualifications. Norway is known to have multiple insurance job openings seeking capable individuals to fill the gaps.

Working in an insurance firm in Norway can see you contribute immensely in other fields such as climate change, political risk, or cybercrime because Insurance understands and manages how to deal with these issues if they were to occur.

There are many aspects you can build a career in Insurance thereby exposing yourself to many other opportunities. In this article, I look into career opportunities in Insurance and the aspects that might fit your credibility.

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Why pursue a career in insurance in Norway?

Insurance in Norway offers jobs with various ranges of benefits from huge paychecks to being part of an ever-busy, dynamic industry where you can gain key skills to fit in on other positions in the industry.

Insurance as been said is a varied and wide industry covering all aspects of human dealings. Being a key player in Norway’s economy has many prospects and opportunities.

You may pursue a career in Insurance because of the social value it contributes to the world through risk transfer to support those in times of need.

Insurance in Norway is one of the places you will work and constantly develop your skills and education to be fit for different areas of the industry.

Not only that, an insurance job could see you work internationally or relocate to other foreign countries since most big firms in the industry have a global presence.

The different areas of specialism/careers in Insurance in Norway

Based on your qualifications and experiences, there are various career paths in Insurance in Norway you can pursue.

Although, some roles require specialization; but, that shouldn’t bother us because, in an insurance firm, there is ample room to grow and further your education to have a career change in future when you have acquired a certain skill or undergone training.

As a high school certificate holder, you can fit in any role in the insurance industry. Insurance in Norway is one of the industry anyone could get into easily and develop because it provides many apprenticeship and qualifications while on the job such as the ones the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) offer that will give you the skills needed for the industry.

Career Opportunities in Insurance in Norway:

Claims Adjuster

A claims adjuster must gather information through interviews, and inspection of certain situations to understand how much the firm they work for will pay to an insured making a claim.

They operate hand-in-glove with claims examiners to determine if an insured claim is justifiable for payment or not. Pursuing a career here could see you climb the ladder of becoming a claims manager with experience.

Insurance Sales Agent

This role ensures that its personnel are always looking for potential clients for the firm. They often operate as insurance brokers to expand their customer base; reach many companies; deal with policy renewals and analyse current client policies to suggest changes or additions to their policy.

Insurance sales agents usually sell more than one type of insurance. They can also obtain key skills in other aspects of the industry or get the right qualifications to become an insurance broker.

Insurance Technician

Since the Insurance in Norway is vast, there are many administrative works needing support in dealing with claims, organising, and developing reports among other tasks.

An insurance technician helps in the administrative work and supports all forms of insurance work when called upon.

They may find themselves rendering such services as customer service, checking proposal forms updating records and so on.

With a technician idea, you can develop to become an underwriter with further training. Or get more qualifications to work in loss adjusting, broking or compliance.

Insurance Broker

These are insurance personnel who help arrange deals between clients and insurers and enlighten clients on the best policies for them; by using their knowledge to help them find the right cover at the best price.

Working in this field, you can progress into management, underwriter, or compliance. The broker’s knowledge and experience can see you fit into account handling, claims broking or business development.

Risk Surveyor

Risk surveyors inspect items that need to be insured as to assess their potential risk level. They work with risk managers to identify, evaluate, and report risks to other parties; such as loss adjusters, underwriters or business owners, to ensure they are aware of risks relevant to them.

If you’re employed as an administrator for a risk team, you can become a risk surveyor. With further training and qualifications, you can become a risk manager. Other opportunities here include senior surveyor, Insurance loss adjusting, or even becoming a therapist.


Underwriters are concerned with issuing policies and evaluating the policies their firm should offer potential clients. They also calculate the amount charged for insurance coverage.

They disclose the details of the policy which they create; by analysing information from prospective policyholders and assessing their risks, likelihood, and the potential cost of the claim.

Working here can have you gain the knowledge to further your certification took in claims management, loss adjusting, risk management or catastrophe modeller.

Catastrophe Modeller

These workers estimate losses from catastrophic risks; such as terrorism or natural hazards through the use of IT models.

They work with underwriters to ensure that losses which occur are kept within specified limits. From this role, you can climb to become a senior catastrophe modelling analyst.

Insurance Loss Adjuster

They’re saddled with the responsibility of investigating large or complicated claims for their firms with the sole aim of lowering the loss and getting the business operating again with minimal disruption.

As a loss adjuster, your role will include visiting sites or locations to ascertain the damage, gathering evidence, requesting reposts from specialists and advising claimants on how to avoid further losses etc.

On this job, you are specialized to particular damage as that’s the nature of the job. You can then expand into management or become a chartered loss adjuster, where you can have your own firm.

In Conclusion

Working in Insurance in Norway in any of the fields listed above could see you advance your career and become more versatile and can run your insurance industry.

According to PayLab, the gross salary range for people working in Insurance in Norway is typically from 26,679.00 NOK (minimum salary) to 62,964.00 NOK (highest average, maximum actual wage is higher) which is a reasonable sum to take home.

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