High-paying Insurance Affiliate Programs You Need To Know

If you want to make money as an insurance blogger or agent online, one of the most innovative and lucrative methods to do it is to search for the finest insurance firms that provide affiliate programs and register as an insurance affiliate marketer.

Trying to find this information on the internet might take a long time. So, as is usual for us, we’ll provide you a rundown of insurance firms where you can sign up as an affiliate and start earning money from your site.

If you’re unfamiliar with how insurance affiliate marketing works, hang in there while we explain. And also if you want to learn how to retain customers in the insurance industry look to Business Blending.

How Does Affiliate Marketing For Insurance Work?

Insurance affiliate marketing is a way for an insurance blogger or agent to make money online by earning a commission if a client buys insurance or requests a quotation through their referral link.

The amount you are compensated is set by the insurance company with whom you are dealing. We’ll show you some alternative lucrative insurance affiliate marketing opportunities.

If you own a travel blog, a travel and tour company, or a travel insurance agency, you can join any of the travel insurance affiliate programs and earn a commission for every lead and quote you produce through your affiliate link.

Disclaimer: While there is no limit to how much money you may make as an insurance affiliate, your earnings will be mostly determined by the amount of visitors who are interested in purchasing insurance or completing a quotation. Knowing how to sell more insurance will give you a significant edge.

If you own a travel blog, a travel and tour company, or a travel insurance agency, you can join any of the travel insurance affiliate programs and earn a commission for every lead and quote you produce through your affiliate link.

Disclaimer: While there is no limit to how much money you may make as an insurance affiliate, your earnings will be mostly determined by the amount of visitors who are interested in purchasing insurance or completing a quotation. Knowing how to sell more insurance will give you a significant edge.

Top Insurance Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Program for GEICO Insurance

When it comes to finding the greatest car insurance affiliate program that pays well, being a marketing partner with GEICO is one of the first places you should explore. GEICO affiliate scheme is not one you can easily beat.

We discussed how GEICO became the second biggest auto insurance business in the United States in one of our posts, and now we’ll look at how you can make a lot of money from your blog or as an agent simply by promoting GEICO.

GEICO insurance is part of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies, and they’ve been leading the way in vehicle insurance since 1936.

It is not simple to become a marketing partner with GEICO Insurance since you must meet certain requirements before approaching them for reviews.

Becoming a GEICO Insurance Affiliate Marketing Partner Requirements
Your group meets the following criteria:

  • A group with at least 50,000 active members
  • An organization of professionals
  • A college or university alumni organization
  • A charity or a society
  • An employer or other sorts of organizations with members that meet the criteria
  • If you satisfy these criteria, click here and fill out the form; they will contact you: https://www.geico[dot]com/public/forms/organization-discount.php

Affiliate Program for Allstate

Allstate has been providing auto insurance for almost as long as cars have existed.

In fact, they collaborated with the government to make seatbelts and airbags a legal requirement in automobiles. They also sell home, renter, condo, life, roadside, and business insurance, although specializing in auto insurance.

They’re also the country’s largest publicly traded insurance provider. From the perspective of an affiliate, this indicates they have a lot of brand recognition, which makes your job a little easier.

When you promote Allstate affiliate offers, you can earn up to $28 per quote. Until you see the 5-day cookie, everything about this program looks great.

That’s a bit annoyingly low, so you’re under even more pressure to only sell pre-qualified traffic to their offers.

You should probably concentrate on their home insurance options as well.

  • Affiliate program for Allstate Insurance
  • Up to $28 per lead commission
  • Cookie life span: 5 days

Affiliate Program for Allstate Embrace Pet Insurance

It’s never too early to insurance your pet, as I’ve learned from personal experience. Because most pet insurance have an upper age limit for them to be accepted.

So my dog was too old to be covered when she was gravely injured at age 5 (chasing a cat, of course). That’s why it’s critical for pet owners to be aware of firms like Embrace. You have the potential to save them thousands of dollars in vet bills.

Furthermore, Embrace pays up to 90% of all vet expenses and has a reputation for timely payments. The $36 per lead reward makes their affiliate program stand out from the pack.

Basically, there are other affiliate programs that are comparable. However, most of them have such bad performance metrics that you’d have to be insane to promote them.

  • embracepetinsurance.com
  • $36 per lead commission
  • EPC: $31.07
  • Cookie life span: 60 days

eHealthInsurance Affiliate Program

If you’re starting a health insurance blog, you probably want to make money from it even when you’re sleeping or traveling around the world. If this is the case, then I would like to welcome you to the best platform ever, where you may earn a substantial commission for each health insurance lead you produce.

eHealthInsurance is a leading provider of individual and family health insurance in the United States. They provide agents and bloggers with health insurance affiliate programs that assist them in generating health insurance quotes. This company works with over 180 health insurance companies and offers over 10,000 different health insurance plans.

They are the only site that uses eSign technology to allow you to examine quotations, compare plans side by side, and apply for insurance all online. By all accounts, eHealthInsurance has one of the top health insurance affiliate programs in the country.

To assure program quality, affiliates should send an email to eHealth@cj.com with a description of their advertising strategies, websites, and locations where eHealthInsurance will be advertised. To become an eHealthInsurance affiliate agent, go to Commission Junction’s advertiser’s section and look for them.

Surprisingly, they are eager to supply you with all of the necessary marketing materials, tactics, and resources to become a super affiliate.

  • Individual and family applications earn $50,
  • short term applications earn $10,
  • student applications earn $10,
  • dentist applications earn $10,
  • small company group applications reward $75.
  • Their cookie is only good for 120 days.
  • Visit https://www.ehealthinsurance.com/about-ehealth/affiliate-program for more information.

Affiliate Program for Assetsure

Assetsure is an insurance reseller based in London. Hildon Park Limited is known as Assetsure.

A number of different insurance companies underwrite their policies. You may join them as an Assetsure affiliate partner now to sell jewelry insurance, wedding insurance, home insurance, vehicle insurance, and other insurance policies.

Use this link to join the Assetsure affiliate program: https://www.assetsure.com/secure/affiliates/apply.html.

Please keep in mind that several of the firms whose affiliate programs we highlighted also provide services in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Always double-check that the house, car, travel, health, yoga, or business insurance affiliate program you chose is active in the countries where your target viewers are located.

It’s a waste of time to target Indian prospectus insurance policyholders with a policy that’s only available in the US.

You can get extra from any of the reputable insurance affiliate networks in addition to the ones we’ve highlighted below. You’ll be surprised to learn that some of them have the best insurance affiliate programs available.

Affiliate Program for Liberty Mutual

Since 1912, Liberty Mutual has assisted people in insuring their lives and their possessions. They are now one of the largest insurers in the United States, offering a wide range of insurance products, including house, auto, renters, life, pet, and even tuition insurance.

This is something they do for customers in 30 different nations. Liberty Mutual is one of the most well-known insurance companies on the market, and it is also one of the Fortune 500’s top 100 companies.

It’s always comforting to know that any brand you’re promoting has been around for more than a wet minute, both for you and for your target audience.

So, how much do you think this program is worth to you?

To begin, you can earn up to $10 per lead. This is contingent on your referral submitting a valid home or vehicle insurance quote in an eligible state.

Although the commission for an insurance lead is tiny, their ‘Network Earnings’ score suggests that they have a large number of affiliate sales referrals.

  • Affiliate program for Liberty Mutual
  • Up to $10 per lead commission
  • EPC: $34.09
  • Cookie life span: 120 days

Affiliate Program for Gabi Personal Insurance

It’s only after a few years of having house or auto insurance that you understand how easy it is to be taken advantage of. I’ve saved hundreds of euros on my home insurance by simply rejecting the “offer” my mortgage broker arranged for me.

Gabi is here to assist your guests in locating the most appropriate insurance policy for their needs. They simply need to input their current policy information, and Gabi will locate them a better offer, which they can purchase straight through the Gabi service.

The entire process takes minutes, and the average consumer can save over $800 each year.

So, let’s take a look at their affiliate programs and how they compensate their affiliates. Affiliates are paid a fixed $5 per lead, although the average transaction commission is $13.

Which suggests that customers either buy several plans there or that there are backend upsells for which you are credited.

Regardless, their EPC is impressive.

  • Affiliate program for Gabi insurance
  • $5 per lead commission
  • EPC: $198.34
  • Cookie life span: 90 days

Affiliate Program for Allianz Worldwide Care

Allianz Worldwide Care is exactly what it sounds like.

They offer health insurance, but mostly to expats, digital nomads, and students studying abroad.

As a result, it’s a niche service, which may turn off certain affiliates. However, as the global workforce becomes more decentralized, you may find a larger market for your products than you thought.

A combination health insurance/travel insurance policy, for example, may slot right in. Allianz’s product diversification is based on the basic notion that economies and markets can change in an instant.

And it could involve a shift in how we think about “workforce.”

Because force majeure never plays by the rules.

You will be paid €25 as an Allianz insurance affiliate for a credit card application.

However, you can earn €10 for each genuine reference who seeks a callback from one of their insurance sales representatives. Spamming insurance CPL offers is obviously a bad idea, and it should go without saying.

You will not be paid, and the network will terminate your account.

Which is a shame considering this program has the highest EPC of any of the insurance affiliate programs on this list.

  • Allianz Worldwide Care (URL)
  • Up to €25 commission per lead
  • EPC: €716.37
  • 15-day cookie duration

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